Urinary Tract Infection And The ImpactsWomen Health

November 22, 2021 14:06
Urinary Tract Infection And The Impacts

The scientists at the University of Texas are currently studying the use of whole-cell vaccines for tackling urinary tract infections or UTI as it has been a serious issue for antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The entire study is published in the American Chemical Society’s ‘ACS Nano Journal’. Dr Nicole De Nisco, assistant professor of biological sciences, and Dr Jeremiah Gassensmith, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry explained the use of metal-organic frameworks to inactivate the bacterial cells. The method produced enhanced antibody production in mice and higher survival rates. The study told that the patients are losing their bladders to save their lives as the bacteria cannot be killed.

This is quite common in older people and is an allergy to antibiotics. 150 million UTIs occur every year across the globe as per the reports from the American Urological Association. If they are not treated at the right time, UTI can lead to sepsis and this can be fatal. This happens to be a primary health issue for women and it is common in postmenopausal women. Some of the infections are quite difficult to treat told the study. Most of them run out of options after the bacteria is cleared from their bladder. At the same time, using the entire cell is preferred to choose a bacterium.

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