Wellbeing of Women at MenopauseWomen Health

August 22, 2023 18:00
Wellbeing of Women at Menopause

One more toughest task for any woman to come through is Menopause and mostly task is to come through the time of transition. Menopause, is a nightmare for many, where for any woman periods will be permanently stopped. Usually, it occurs between the age 45 to 55 years. As the level estrogen levels will be reduced from the ovaries and this will lead to several changes like lack of muscle strength, low bone density and even abdominal obesity.

To prevent complications at the time of Menopause, woman need to be fit and healthy.

Some exercises will help to beat the Menopause like brisk walking, strength training, Yoga , swimming and managing weight along with proper bone health and reduce stress. Before starting any intense workouts at this age better to consult a doctor and get a personal physical trainer.

Abdominal Woes are needed at this time. Try bicycle crunches, leg raises and planks to target your abdominal fat. Start working with low-intensity cardio and also add some aerobic exercises.

Prop Push will help you reduce your joint pains or stiffness as they provide support and cushioning to your bones. Stretching poses by using blocks/ yoga bricks can help for this.

Always be active and try avoiding mood swings. Remember to have a balanced diet and burn your excessive fat. Woman suffering Osteoporosis will fall at risk with intense workout, its always better to start with lighter workout.

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