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May 19, 2016 05:46
Avoid these to control High BP

Life is getting hard and so is breathing, with several brisk chores, 10 things left in office, kids waiting as we get back home. It is understandable why one in every three adults have high blood pressure. Here are few every day factors, which add to high blood pressure/ hypertension. It is essential to address at least these on this World Hypertension Day.

Are you eating Chinese food?
Control these food habits to control your blood pressure. They include alcohol, achaars, papads, red meat, processed foods, or foods rich in high sodium. A new food added to the list include Chinese food. This is because the sodium content rich in Chinese food is high, surpassing the day to day requirement. More importantly, sauces used in these foods like Bean sauce Garlic sauce, Teriyaki sauce and Soy sauce have abundant sodium.

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Are your gymming habits good?
Took much consumption of protein supplements, wrong gymming habits stress the body, pushes adrenaline levels and add to high BP.  Doctors suggest to stick to realistic goals and follow the advice given by the body. If the blood pressure is on higher side, avoid gym habits like weight lifting that can cause temporary raise in the blood pressure. It is important to work out under the guidance of an expert.

Daytime naps are bad
According to a recent study conducted at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, daytime naps increase high blood pressure risk by 13-19%. Max Healthcare, Department of Cardiology, Chairman Dr.KK Talwar relates it to sleep disorder and sleep apnea syndrome. People who do not get enough sleep at nights,  sleep during day times and this translates into hypertension.

- Sumana

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