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  • Covaxin latest, Covaxin new breaking, covaxin takers too suffered from health issues after 1 year, Diabetes

    Covaxin takers too suffered from health issues after 1 year 2024-05-17 10:48:52

    A team of BHU researchers conducted a one-year follow-up study on Bharat Biotech's Covaxin and found that almost one-third of the participants reported adverse events of special interest (AESI). Additionally, nearly half of the 926 participants complained of infections, mainly...

    Keywords: Covaxin health impact, Covaxin new updates, Covaxin new breaking, Covaxin side effects

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    Cholesterol levels tips, Cholesterol, how to lower your cholesterol levels in 30 days, Diabetes

    How to lower your Cholesterol levels in 30 days? 2024-05-15 15:08:35

    You're halfway through a month-long plan to build consistent healthy habits to control your cholesterol levels. If you're one of the people who has been told by a doctor that your levels are too high (about two in five adults...

    Keywords: tips for Cholesterol levels lowering, Cholesterol levels health habits, Cholesterol levels breaking news, Cholesterol levels health habits

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    Diabetes in Summer breaking, Diabetes in Summer breaking, how to manage your diabetes in summer, Diabetes

    How to manage your Diabetes in Summer? 2024-05-04 10:19:19

    As summer begins and temperatures rise, many people are eager to enjoy the joys of sunny days and outdoor adventures. But this season presents unique challenges for people dealing with diabetes. In the scorching heat, fluctuations in blood sugar levels...

    Keywords: Diabetes in Summer new breaking, Diabetes in Summer health tips, Diabetes in Summer control, Diabetes in Summer health tips

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    Blood Sugar Levels study, Blood Sugar Levels, how to maintain blood sugar level to boost immunity, Diabetes

    How to maintain Blood Sugar Level To Boost Immunity 2024-05-18 14:05:55

    Numerous of us endure from different sicknesses that are difficult to remedy. In today's times, there has been a critical increment within the number of patients enduring from sicknesses like cholesterol, hypertension, heart issues and numerous more. Tulsi clears out...

    Keywords: Blood Sugar Levels boost immunity, Blood Sugar Levels Tulsi leaves, Blood Sugar Levels maintanence, Blood Sugar Levels medication

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    extreme heat for mind, Summer heat breaking, how extreme heat tests the limits of body and mind, Diabetes

    How extreme heat tests the limits of body and mind? 2024-05-06 10:17:28

    Every year, more than one billion people in India endure the scorching summer heat. On May 5th, New Delhi experienced its hottest day of the 2024 season, reaching a temperature of 41.1 degrees Celsius, which is too hot for the...

    Keywords: Summer heat news, Summer heat, Summer heat latest breaking, Summer heat latest

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    Working night shifts health impact, Working night shifts big breaking, working night shifts can put you at risk of diabetes and depression, Diabetes

    Working night shifts can put you at risk of diabetes and depression 2024-05-18 13:42:15

    Are you pulling an all-nighter at work? As per a modern think about, as few as three consecutive night shifts can altogether affect your wellbeing and put you at risk of incessant conditions like diabetes, weight and other metabolic clutters....

    Keywords: Working night shifts depression, Working night shifts breaking, Working night shifts big breaking, Working night shifts big breaking

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